Prime Rib 3 Course Box

£115.00£135.00 - Serves 2

  • Hawksmoor smoked salmon, cream cheese & soda bread
  • 1x large Prime Rib
  • Matt Brown's Ultimate Oven Chips
  • Creamed spinach
  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Peppercorn sauce
  • Sticky toffee pudding for 2 & clotted cream
  • Shaky Pete's Ginger Brew for 2
  • Rosso Braida

We're really sorry but unfortunately no items can be substituted or added to your box, including for dietary or allergen reasons.
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"You’re going to love this – everything you need to have a first class steak dinner at home.”
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We’ve worked hard to make our cook-at-home steak boxes as easy and stress-free as possible. Each comes with full instructions and our How to Cook the Perfect Steak guide, along with a QR code to take you to masterclass videos with our Executive Chef, Matt Brown (a former Head Chef of two(!) restaurants with 3 Michelin stars).

Great steak can make you time-travel. Perhaps back to a special occasion meal from your past. Or even further back. Close your eyes, take a bite from a perfectly charred steak and you’re back around the campfire with your hunter-gatherer kin.

Our primitive ancestors would certainly have approved of this Flintstones-worthy bone-in Prime Rib. Add a little salt and char and it has the power to make us the kind of happy that humans have experienced for thousands of years. Be sure to channel your inner Fred or Wilma and gnaw on the bone at the end.

To accompany this meaty feast, we have finally managed to squeeze the legend that is Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew into a convenient make-at-home package. True liquid-gold sorcery. Our most popular cocktail for over a decade, ‘Shaky’ Pete Jeary’s ode to the Power Shandy now appears lightly disguised on lists across the land (Wobbly Bob’s Ginger Brew anyone?). It’s even been hailed as one of the best modern classics of the last 10 years by cocktail-world royalty, the drinks historian Jared Brown.

If you want to go ‘full Hawksmoor’ and cook your steaks over charcoal, you can find the same sustainable charcoal we use in our restaurants here (we also like their eco firelighters). For masterclass videos on cooking your steak on a barbecue see here.

Additional Information

For all queries please email We would advise you to have a meat thermometer at home to help cook the perfect steak. If you have ordered anything else from our shop, these will arrive in a separate order, with separate tracking info. Please note food items should be consumed by the Sunday in the same week of your delivery date. Items are not suitable for home freezing.

“When it comes to their ‘at home’ offering, you knew they’d never, ever let you down.”

Tom Parker Bowles

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