The Shaky Pete Ultimate Barbecue Box

£135.00 - Serves 4-6 people

  • Old Spot Belly ribs & pickled slaw
  • 1x 35 day dry-aged Tomahawk steak
  • 1x 35 day dry-aged Sirloin steak
  • 1x British Fillet steak
  • 4x Burger patties
  • 6x Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPAs
  • Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew for 6

We're really sorry but unfortunately no items can be substituted or added to your box, including for dietary or allergen reasons.
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“these meal packs will contain everything you need to bring the Hawksmoor experience to your table”
Manchester Wire


We’ve worked hard to make our cook-at-home steak boxes as easy and stress-free as possible. Each comes with full instructions and our How to Cook the Perfect Steak guide, along with a QR code to take you to masterclass videos with our Executive Chef, Matt Brown (a former Head Chef of two(!) restaurants with 3 Michelin stars).

See past the comfy seats, first growth Burgundies and lovingly crafted cocktails and Hawksmoor is really just a barbecue joint. Not the low-‘n’-slow American style with its secret spice blends, herb rubs and hypodermic marinade injections (yep, that’s a thing), but the very British, battling-the-drizzle, back garden variety. We just dial everything up to eleven.

Instead of bangers and burgers, ours revolve around carefully dry-aged beef from passionate British farmers. And instead of lighter-fuel-impregnated briquettes from the local petrol station, we use top-shelf sustainable charcoal made from prunings from the woodland foraging grounds of Iberico pigs (we also recommend their eco firelighters).

The trick of course is the quality of the beef, along with a bit of chef know-how which we are more than happy to share in our easy-to-follow video masterclasses.

So … make hay while the sun shines and turn your back garden into your own private Hawksmoor. Our Ultimate Barbecue Box is packed with more grass-fed dry-aged beef than ever, and for the first time includes the almighty Tomahawk. A cut of beef worshipped by steak-fanatics for its rich flavour and cartoonish size. Let’s be honest, sometimes size really does matter. To complete the feast we’ve included Fillet, Sirloin, Old Spot belly ribs and 4 burger patties.

It is with great pleasure we can announce that we have finally managed to squeeze the legend that is Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew into a convenient make-at-home package. True liquid-gold sorcery. Our most popular cocktail for over a decade, 'Shaky' Pete Jeary's ode to the Power Shandy now appears lightly disguised on lists across the land (Wobbly Bob's Ginger Brew anyone?). It’s even been hailed as one of the Best modern classics of the last 10 years by cocktail-world royalty, the drinks historian Jared Brown. We’ve also partnered with Beavertown to include 6 of their crisp and refreshing Neck Oil Session IPAs to keep the chef (and guests) hydrated. And those lovingly crafted cocktails?  You can get those too, conveniently bottled and canned so you can make the perfect cocktail every time.

We say that it feeds up to six people, but slice the steaks and add a few more substantial salads and it could stretch to a reasonably hungry eight, possibly even more. You’ll have to fight over the burgers and ribs, but there will be plenty of meat to go round.

Additional Information

For all queries please email We would advise you to have a meat thermometer at home to help cook the perfect steak. If you have ordered anything else from our shop, these will arrive in a separate order, with separate tracking info. Please note food items should be consumed by the Sunday in the same week of your delivery date. Items are not suitable for home freezing.

“When it comes to their ‘at home’ offering, you knew they’d never, ever let you down.”

Tom Parker Bowles

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